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  • Hays & Erford: chs. 9–10: developing MULTICULTURAL COUNSELING COMPETENCE A SYSTEMS APPROACH A systems approach

Discussion Board Forum 3 Thread

You must use the textbook as a source (cite and reference) in your thread (at least 400 words). Choose one of the 3 options for your thread; do not respond to each question. Give your thread a title indicating what it is about. When you write your replies, you are encouraged to choose threads to reply to that are different than the one you chose to write on. The discussion board forums correspond with the current textbook reading. Include biblical integration; explain how the topic applies to your faith. Do not simply restate the text; give your own thoughts and analysis. One way to discuss the forum topic, is by giving a counseling example or situation to illustrate the point you are making. Do not use more than one direct quote in a post; quotes must be less than 40 words.

DB Forum 3

  1. What did you learn about classism that informs your role as a multiculturally competent counselor?
  2. What are some counseling considerations that are relevant to working with clients with a disability, and working with older adult clients? How can counselors increase their awareness, knowledge, and skills required for working with these populations?
  3. What are significant issues related to acculturation for counselors to be aware of? What are some of the challenges faced by recent immigrants?


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