discussion bored question 8

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Week Seven–Mental Illness and Disasters


As you probably know, mental illness is a major problem in the US. Many have only minor disease and are very functional, productive members of society. Others have major disease and depend on others to meet their needs. Most agree that this latter group has not been served well by emergency plans.

Weekly Objectives:

  • Discuss the unique emergency preparedness needs of patients with emotional and psychiatric patients.
  • Review the application of PFA as a way of mitigating emotional problems in MCIs and disasters.

Discussion Bored Question

Offer either a supporting or refuting argument to one of your classmate’s discussions from last week (attached). Conduct a search of materials on the internet to find your points of discussion. Use these in your discussion and cite correctly.

– APA Style

– Kindly, answer all discussion questions clearly and completely.


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