discussion question 2 responses

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1 All of you work at different types of facilities (long term care, hospital, outpatient clinics), how do the different system that you work at impact how you plan to implement your evidence-based practice project?

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Re: Topic 4 DQ 1

It’s important when implementing evidenced based practice (EBP) interventions, to start at the local level. The implementation process of EBP requires a healthcare commitment and support to apply the EBP into care and to create a culture which encourages change (Lehane et al., 2018). Health interventions applied to small communities requires great attention to detail, this includes making sure it’s affordable both for the organization and the community, ensuring easy access and eliminating possible barriers. In addition, by applying new health interventions on a small scale can help one better understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing to start working out the issues with time and knowledge.

That being said, in order to apply health interventions in my organization it would be essential to do a trial period on one unit. After this trial it would be important to receive feedback from both the nurses and patients, to better understand what adjustments are necessary. My preceptor pointed out that by doing additional nurse education, this particular EBP intervention might be lost amongst many either required reading. As nurses are often overwhelmed with monthly education, thus my preceptor encouraged the best form of implementation may require doing an in-service education. This means scheduling a time and inviting nurses and other staff members to listen and do hands-on training. After much thought and deliberation, I would have to agree because most of the knowledge which I have retained as a nurse myself was by either having someone directly teach me or by doing it myself. There’s still much to explore on this particular implementation methods for my health intervention, such as how to schedule the time to teach during nurses’ busy schedules.


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