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Please make sure to read the discussion question on attached pdf and follow the instructions.

Specialty MOS will be 68E (Dental Specialist).


Purpose To demonstrate an understanding of the AHS Warfighting Functions.


The Army Health System (AHS) is a component of the Military Health System that is
responsible for the operational management of the Health Service Support Mission
(HSS) and the Force Health Protection Mission (FHP).

The Army Health System medical capabilities (ten medical functions) are grouped
under two Army warfighting functions – Force Health Protection (FHP) under the
protection warfighting function and Health Service Support (HSS) under the
sustainment warfighting function. These interrelated and interdependent medical
functions are complex in nature and require medical command and control for
synchronization and integration. This ensures the interrelationships and
interoperability of all medical assets and optimizes the effective functioning of the
entire system.


Identify the six warfighting functions and describe the purpose of the Protection
warfighting function and the Sustainment warfighting function. Next, identify your
Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) and which warfighting function that it supports
and how it supports it. End your initial post by asking your peers an open-ended
question on one of the warfighting functions.


AHS Lesson

AHS Doctrine Smart Book 2022

FM 4-02 Army Health System

JP 4-02

Expectations 1. You must submit an initial response to the discussion question. Your

initial response must:

-be a minimum of 200 and no more than 300 words. We are looking for body
content. Your listed reference at the bottom of your post will not count toward the
word requirement.

-state your Rank, Name in the subject line (ex. SSG Jones, Avery)

-include an APA formatted reference and in-text citation to support your post (use
a reference other than the AHS lesson).

2. After you have posted an initial response, reply to two of your peers

(You must reply to their initial response).

Each reply must:

-be a minimum of 150 and no more than 200 words (salutations and references
are not included in your word count)

-open each post with the Rank/Name of the student you are addressing

and close each reply with your Rank/Name

-The first three posts (initial response and two replies) will be graded

All posts must be submitted by typing your response in the text box.

*This discussion will be evaluated on the expectations listed above and the
assignment rubric*


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