Discussion Response

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First and foremost, it is important to understand the purpose of the Army Maintenance Program. The objective of AMP is to ensure that Army materials are in the best working conditions for effective performance purposes. Keeping up to date with AMP keeps the Army ready for missions with a higher probability of successfully completing missions assigned. In my current unit, I have encountered a deficiency of inoperable equipment.  Every Monday in my unit a motor pool is conducted to ensure LMTVs is operable and ready for operations but recently they discovered not all LMTVs are in operation despite the motor pool sessions. The shortcoming was a result of a lack of proper training for all soldiers tasked to perform the assigned tasks. It was elaborate that Army Training Manual (TM) was not followed to the letter leading to inoperable LMTVs something that may lead to mission delays and unproductive and failed missions. It is thereby very critical to establish an effective unit maintenance culture to ensure shortcomings will not reoccur again. It is very important to create an environment where leaders and soldiers have common goals with certainty that everyone’s opinion is taken into consideration without fear or favor. Creating an effective culture starts with the leader being a good role model and encouraging the soldiers to follow suit. One study was conducted about Army equipment (1997), “equipment modification program needs improvement”, and I believe that creating a unit maintenance culture will facilitate equipment readiness.


Army equipment [microform]: management of weapon system and equipment modification

program needs improvement: report to congressional committees / United States General Accounting Office. (1997). Washington, D.C. (P.O. Box 37050, Washington, D.C. 20013): The Office, 1997.

Purpose To ensure understanding of leader roles in the Army Maintenance Program
(AMP), and the Command Maintenance Discipline Program (CMDP).


Discussion boards are an important tool in facilitating student learning in an
online environment. Your participation allows you to demonstrate
understanding and application of course material by contributing to an
ongoing discussion.


The Army Maintenance Program is an important part of unit readiness.
Drawing on personal experience in your current unit, or a past unit,
answer the following prompt.

Identify a deficiency or oversight in your Units’ maintenance program.
Elaborate on this issue/s and possible ways to improve or solve the
issue/s after this lesson on the AMP. Respond to two of your peers
with alternate possible solutions to the issue/s they identified.


AMP Lesson

Expectations 1. You must submit an initial response to the discussion question. Your
initial response must:

-be a minimum of 200 words (We are looking for body content. Your
listed reference in your initial post will not count toward this word
-state your Rank, Name in the subject line (ex. SSG Jones, Avery)
-include one APA formatted reference and one in-text citation to support

your post (use a reference other than the Research and Case Studies

2. After you have posted an initial response, reply to two of your peers,
(you must reply to their initial response) each reply must:

-be a minimum of 150 words (salutations and references are not included
in your word count)
-open each post with the Rank/Name of the student you are addressing
and close each reply with your Rank/Name
-your first three posts (initial response and two replies) will be graded

All posts must be submitted by typing your response in the text box.
*This discussion will be evaluated on the expectations listed above and the

assignment rubric*



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