discussion six

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  1. this first Discussion Forum, please introduce yourself to your classmates. At a minimum, include the following information your major or degree, career aspirations, whether you have taken an asynchronous (fully online) class before, why you registered for ANT 101 this summer, and any personal information you want to share (i.e. where you are from, family life, hopes/ dreams/ fears, etc.).
  2. Please answer the following questions based on the assigned text:
    1. Why is examining cultural assumptions important? What assumptions are made about your culture?
    2. Detachment and engagement are both necessary for participant observation research. Why do you think this would be difficult?
    3. Can you think of a group you would like to study? Who would it be and why?

Please review the Discussion Forum Evaluation Rubric in your syllabus.

All students are welcome to submit anytime before the due date of June 7th at 9 p.m. The Forum will close at 9 p.m.

50 points possible


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