discussion unit 6 2

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Address the topics below. Your original response should reflect the fact that you have completed the assigned Readings for the week (See reading info attaches). Remember, this is your chance to illustrate not only your understanding, but also your mastery of the materials for the unit. Use your words wisely so that the posting has substance and includes examples and explanations.

1. Think about your workplace or a hypothetical workplace. Briefly describe your target population, and describe how you would apply the emotional intelligence approach as a tool to enhance employee motivation. Provide a clear rationale as to why you believe this method would be most appropriate to the other personality-trait approaches for workplace motivation. Evaluate the strengths and challenges of the Emotional Intelligence approach for motivation in the workplace.

2. Next, think about a hypothetical employee survey, describe your target population and select an appropriate data-gathering methodology. Describe how you would use the Engagement Survey as a tool for your hypothetical study. Provide a diagnosis of the motivating conditions in your study. In addition, briefly describe how your method of data-gathering design is reliable and valid for your study. Do you feel that this would be a good method to use for your hypothetical research study about workplace motivation? Why or why not?


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