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1. Identify any areas of strength and weakness based on results after examinations. To overcome the areas of weakness, devise a three-step plan for corrective action and share with your classmates.

Your post should be a minimum 500 words .

2. Meetings could be a fun or most-hated. The elements of planning, hosting and ensuring a meeting fulfill its overall purpose in a major task. In 250 words, share your thoughts on the following items:

1. Ensuring a meeting whether virtual, in-person or phone is successful

2. Handling many personalities and characteristics among the attendees (i.e. those that are quiet, those that are talkative, those that are argumentative, those that are routinely late to meetings and those that attempt to hijack the meeting by taking control)

3. How do you get everyone involved, engaged and participative?

4. The importance of delegation of tasks and follow up to ensure delegated tasks are completed.

5. Frequency of meetings without going overboard.

Your initial post comprising a minimum 250 words should have 2-3 credible sources /peer-reviewed references using APA format


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