Diversity in colleges

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“What and How”

  • Contrast at least two (2) differences between qualitative and quantitative research questions.
  • PART 2

    “The Literature Review”

  • Imagine you are teaching a class on literature reviews. Prepare at least three (3) instructions, guidelines, or tips that you would give your class for doing a literature review. Include best and worst practices for doing a literature review in your instructions, guidelines, and tips.
  • PART 3

    The literature review can be described as the history or context for your research study. It requires skills in planning, assimilating, organizing, and writing clearly about a topic. In one (1) paragraph, reflect on something you learned about yourself and your skillset by doing a literature review.

    PART 4

    Develop a survey for your research topic using SurveyMonkey and submit the link to your survey in the assignment text area. You may send out your survey to your classmates’ emails or you may post it in the SurveyMonkey discussion board in Week 6.

    PART 5


  • Review the 2014 CIRP Freshman Survey located at http://www.heri.ucla.edu/researchers/instruments/CIRP/2014-CIRP-Freshman-Survey.pdf. List two to three (2-3) responses you would include if you were to rewrite the responses to question #41 based on an adult student population
  • PART 6

    “Finding Data”

  • Find a research study that has a similar topic to yours but uses a quantitative approach to data analysis. Share the link to the article, and discuss the type of data analysis the researcher uses and key points about his or her interpretation of the data.
  • PART 7

    In at least one (1) paragraph, describe the data you will analyze for your final study and the main steps you plan to use to analyze and interpret the data. If you were to conduct more data analysis in the future, what type of data analysis would you do, and why?


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