Eastlake High School Astrolabes Altitude and Azimuth Angles Worksheet

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This lab will give you an insight into how the first basic measurements of the positions of stars were made, in the days before telescopes. You’ll want to go outside, again – but this time during the daytime!

You’ll be doing some arts and crafts, for this lab, and constructing your own astrolabe. You’ll need some scissors, glue, cardboard, string, a paperclip (or any weight), tape, and a drinking straw. The template and the instructions on the use of an astrolabe can be found attached as “Construction and Use of a Simple Astrolabe”

For this lab, you’ll need to print out the “Astrolabes, Altitudes, and Azimuth Angles” worksheet attached. To submit your lab, simply type in your answers to the Word document.


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