ece 311 week 2 discussion 2 psychology homework help

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Provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Identify at least one aspect of the video not discussed in their responses that you think should be included. Share some ideas for how they could incorporate this aspect in their classroom. 5 sentences or more.

Discuss the following questions:

1. How can preschool curricula, based on solid research, build school- and life-related skills?

Preschool curricula, based on solid research, build school and life-related skills by providing a rich learning environment that provides a fun-loving, caring, and support. Preschool curricula provide learning standards and a guideline for teachers and parents to be able to identify growth and development within their children. With solid research and assessment, the classroom can be a place with the help of communities, teachers, and parents where children can experience real life learning skills such as: pretending to be a doctor, lawyer, cook, fireman etc. right in the classroom and have outdoor experiences such as a farmer, or botanist with plants. Allowing limitless possibilities for them.

2. Why are well-qualified teachers important?

Well-qualified teachers are important in a classroom because understanding growth and development of a child is a must. Being able to identify strengths and weaknesses, and being able to understand that children learn differently and how to create a learning environment that supports the whole child. A well-qualified teacher will be able to assess a child and will be able to create a lesson plan that includes a strategy and outcome for the next level of learning.]

3. How is play integrated into learning?

Play is integrated into learning when children communicate with each other. When a child is playing it’s a learning experience. Sharing and conflict resolution is discovered and they are able to explore the world around them and how things move, stack, shake, make noise etc. Play is an experience where the teacher can tap into a child’s little world and watch how the see life from their view.

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