ece311 week 1 discussion 2 psychology homework help

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After reviewing the post, respond and offer suggestions for meeting the challenges they described. 5 sentences or more.

One challenge in an early childhood classroom with D.A.P would be having a wide age group with many different D.A.P levels. This is a challenge because if you have a preschool classroom with an age range of three to five they can be on many different levels doing one activity together. To make the activity fun for all the children you have to make sure you know their levels and different ways you can make the activity harder or easier if need be for any children. One activity I can think of right now would be doing a cutting activity you could have paper with outlines for the younger children and papers with lines for the older ones to cut on. You could also go as far as for the younger ones that cant use scissors encourage them to try then also allow them to rip the paper.

The second challenge could be working with children that have a disability and children that are in a normal developmental range. I think this would be difficult finding activities that the children of both areas are able to do. It would have to be something that isn’t too hard and isn’t too easy for them to accomplish. If it is to hard it could discourage the children, but if it is to easy the children may get bored with it and not pay attention or get anything out of the activity.

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