ece332 week 1 discussion 2 response c.s.

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Compare and contrast the theorist you selected with the ones your classmates selected. ( I chose Jean Piaget). The Theorist I have chosen is B.F. Skinner. He developed a model of operant conditioning. Conditioning refers to a simple kind of learning whereby certain behaviors are affected by the environment, becoming more or less probable (Lefrançois, 2012). It seems clear, says Skinner, that the likelihood of a response being repeated has a lot to do with its consequences. Behaviors that are reinforced tend to be repeated; those that are not reinforced or that are punished are less likely to be repeated (Lefrançois, 2012). Skinners work basically means that your actions are influenced by what follows. I agree with his work because I believe children learn at a very young age that if they get in trouble , or injured doing something, they are less likely to do it again. Take potty training for instance, when children first learn to use the potty they don’t understand the concept until they are rewarded. When they successfully use the potty without having an accident they will receive a reward (sticker, piece of candy, toy etc.) and this will motivate them to do the action again that allowed them to get the reward.


Lefrançois, G. R. (2012). Children’s Journeys: Exploring Early Childhood. Retrieved from…

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