ece332 week 2 discussion 1 Proponent of Nature

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This discussion is a bit tricky because it forces you to pick one side of a rather controversial debate. However, for the sake of good conversation, please stick to just one side for your original post and peer responses.

On or before Day 3, share a persuasive, research-based argument showing how your assigned side influences development more than the other side. Pick just one side. Using the textbook and other scholarly resources (articles from Ashford Library) are essential to supporting your argument. When paraphrasing, be sure to include parenthetical citations (Author, Year). If you must copy text word-for-word, be sure to include quotation marks around the copied text and parenthetical citations. The majority of the post should be your own words, but you will want to support your ideas without outside sources to show why you believe what you do about Nature or Nurture.

On or before Day 5, negate an argument of an opposing side and use examples to support your argument (i.e., support why you your side is more influential).
For this post, you do not have to maintain your assigned side, but instead, share your true beliefs about the nature/nurture debate.

Due by Day 3: For this debate, you must develop a persuasive, research-based argument showing the extent to which your assigned influence affects development. Be sure to utilize both the course text as well as other scholarly resources to support your argument. Remember, you are arguing that either nature or nurture is the most important influence on development.

Due by Day 5: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least one who is arguing from the opposing side. Negate their argument by providing examples that support your argument.

Due by Day 6: Follow-up to any responses that have been posted to your argument, continuing the debate.

Due by Day 7: Your final post will be an articulation of your own beliefs about nature vs. nurture. What, in your opinion, is the most reasonable one-paragraph resolution of this controversy?

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