Education assignment for analyzing the use of language by characters in the scene

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This is the specific assignment for Education class. I can provide the PowerPoint of my class

Language in Society

How Does the Entertainment Industry Use Language to Depict Character?

Select a movie or television program and then choose a scene at least two(2)minutes in length. Analyze the use of language by characters in the scene,making reference to the major systems of language that we’ve talked about this semester:

1,Phonology(including paralanguage:intonation,volume,speed,pitch,etc.)

2. Vocabulary(the use of distinctive words,including slang,obscenity,and profanity)

3. Grammar(the use of standard vs. non-standard grammar)

4. Communicative style and manner(See Communicative Contexts below)

Here are some specific language-related issues you might think about:

A. National dialects(British,American,Australian,other)

B. Regional dialects in the US(including New York City,New Jersey,Philadelphia,Appalachia,Coastal South,etc.)

C. Social dialects(African-American English in the US:GAE vs. a regional dialect in the US .; RP vs. a regional dialect in Britain)

D. Gender differences in language use

E. Features of a foreign accent(English as a second language)

F. Communicative Contexts

Level of politeness and formality

Volume,speed,and pitch(Paralanguage)

Turn-taking,interrupting,controlling topics

Topic Selection


Physical distance(Proxemics)

Eye contact(Oculesics)


Facial expressions,gestures,posture(Kinesics)


Speech Acts:requests,apologies,refusals,routines of greetings and departure

Be sure to identify the television episode or movie clip that you’ve analyzed

If your clip is on YouTube,be sure to send an e-mail message with the URL that will open your clip online.(without a clip,no evaluation of your analysis will be possible)

A video clip on Netflix or Hulu will also be OK,just provide a citation for the specific scene you’ve analyzed。If the clip isnt accessible on-line,you may submit a DVD instead.

Length:About two pages(500 words double-spaced)

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