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You recently received the email below from your boss at C3PO, Peter Cunningham. Respond to his requests in writing and submit your response to this assignment.

HR Team Members,

I’ve recently become concerned that outdated, incomplete, and/or missing job descriptions throughout every department in the company may be causing some problems for our department, hiring managers, and front-line employees alike. However, I know that fixing this problem is very costly and time-consuming, and our company is currently very concerned about cost containment. I’d like to make a proposal to our CEO, Hank Eldridge, to develop and implement a comprehensive job analysis program for C3PO that would result in accurate job descriptions throughout the company, but I’m not sure what would be the most effective points to make in that proposal that would result in it being approved. So, I’m asking all members of the HR team to suggest their top three reasons that C3PO should undertake this job analysis/job description project. Further, please suggest two actions we could take that would allow us to conduct thorough job analyses and create accurate job descriptions, but that will minimize, as much as possible, the time, cost, and intrusiveness of this proposed project.

Thank you for your input.

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