Embry Riddle Aeronautical Fatigue the Silent Killer While Flying Drones Essay

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the paper needs to be 3 pages of literature review on the correlation of FATIGUE and DRONES or UAS. The literature review should include at least 10 references. I have attached the paper that I am building and under the literature review heading, I started about 1/2 a page I need it to at least 3 pages on just the literature review part. under references, I have 3 to get started that can be used but only 1 has been referenced so far within the literature review.

Databases such as Google Scholar and Shephard or articles published in peer-reviewed journals are the most ideal resource for the capstone project. Other sources may include past textbooks used in your studies, white papers from reliable industry or government agencies, or other internet resources, but ensure the information is credible.


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