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Learning Objective: Identify the main forms of business organizations


  1. What is employee empowerment?
  2. What kinds of information can companies provide employees to help them share decision-making responsibility?
  3. Are there risks related to empowerment?
  4. Were the employees in the video empowered? Explain.

STUDENT 1: (Joshua)

Employees are the building blocks for a company or business. They are a company’s most prized possession because they keep a business flowing and successful. Every employee out there comes from a different background and can bring their each individual unique attributes and skills to the table. It does take the job of senior employees or managers to provide training to empower them to take care of their job and certain tasks on their own. Employees all deserve for their voice to be heard in a company, especially so they can gain the confidence in themselves to take the initiative and successfully complete tasks. According to McCubbrey Business Fundamentals, “Many different participation systems can be implemented to authentically get employee input and to capitalize on the benefits associated with employee influence.” When it comes to these participation systems, there is open book management, open-door policy, surveys, feedback programs, and team mechanisms. The best of these examples is the open book management because it empowers employees with the information they need in a real life business scenario, while giving helpful input.

Empowering employees has its benefits, but it can also have its downfalls. I say downfall because an employee may seem very ready but when the time comes an employee may crumble or provide false information to the customer. Allowing employees to be empowered is a privilege that needs to be earned and requires trust that is earned over time. Employees may seem very ready for empowerment, but anything can be going on in their lives, so that can be a risk for a business.

The employees in the video were for sure not empowered because it is clear that every level did not have the voice or power to take care of the customers needs. The problem made the customer frustrated and also the manager because he was taken away from his managerial duties to take care of a small problem such as a refund.

Thank you

Joshua Hummer


McCubbrey, D. J. (2009). Business fundamentals. Retrieved from http://textbookequity.org/Textbooks/McCubbrey_BusinessFundamentals.pdf

STUDENT 2: ( Scott)

When it comes to employee empowerment, I think the video in the discussion prompt painted the picture very well. Essentially, if management doesn’t look for ways in which to give greater responsibility to lower level managers to solve problems for their customers or the day to day operation of the business.

Information that companies provide employees which help share decision making responsibilities are primarily shown in management policies such as “open book management”, “open-door policies”, and “feedback programs” to name a few (McCubbrey, 2009, p. 91). What these programs do is provide the employees with the opportunity to state their opinions to the management about any issue happening in the company. But this opportunity is not the only necessary action. Management must follow up any suggestion with “visible action” that signals to the employee that their voice has been heard and the management is taking steps to either implement their suggestion or reasons for not implementing them (McCubbrey, 2009, p. 91).

I think there are great risks to empowering employees. For example, during the early days of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, Army units were given operations funds that were meant to be spent on unforeseen costs related to being in a combat environment that was isolated from the normal supply lines. These funds were used for purchasing food, water, gasoline, and many other items. This fund was meant to make the lives of the soldiers on the ground much easier, however some illegally pocketed this money thereby wasting tax-payer dollars and tarnishing the reputation of the Army. In response the Army put stringent processes and requirements on how this money could be spent in order to continue the empowerment but get rid of some of the risk.

The employees in the video were not empowered. The fact that in order to resolve a customer’s issue the employee had to go up multiple levels of management is inefficient at best. From what I could tell from the video the customer spent almost all day trying to get back his measly 20% refund. That may have not even been worth his time. It probably wasn’t worth the time of the multiple managers that devote attention to the issue. In cases like that it would be cost effective to empower lower level management to deal with the issue and make the customer a repeat customer.

Thanks for reading,

Scott Archer


McCubbrey, D. J. (2009). Business fundamentals. Retrieved from http://textbookequity.org/Textbooks/McCubbrey_BusinessFundamentals.pdf


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