energy present and future problems

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Assignments include both questions and essay related with the both articles covered and the ideas discussed in the course notes.

You need to review both article and lecture notes to answer the following questions.

  1. How do we promote wind energy applications more in Iowa? What are the basic pros and cons of wind power technology?
  2. What are the incentives used to encourage development of wind power? Briefly describe them.
  3. How would you describe United States’ wind power resources as a major future energy use? Can we fully depend on wind power?
  4. Are the wind turbines helping Iowa (or Midwest in general) farmers for their economic development? How?
  5. Would you be willing to allow your farm land to install large wind turbines if the area is windy enough? What are the approximate numbers on profit that our farmers make on land leasing for the wind turbines in windy locations compared with only corn production at the same field if there would be no wind resources? (A 2.5 MW wind turbine may need a foot-print of approximately ¼ acre of the farm land).
  6. What are the environmental savings in wind power production as compared with the coal-fired power generation?
  7. What are the impacts of new wind farms to local jobs? How does the wind power help to establish our energy independence?
  8. Do you think US citizens can move from the idea of NIMBY to PIMBY as the need to cleaner energy grows steadily? Briefly explain and support your ideas with examples.

Essay: Research and write an essay with your own words “Iowa’s Renewable Portfolio standards,” state and federal “tax incentives,” and other aids currently help make the wind power development an economically viable alternative energy for residents who want to establish their own clean and renewable energy projects. Also describe any possible role of wind energy development on public benefit funds in general. (Those of you living in other states can write the essay for own state).

There are a lot of information on the internet but you may review some of the below sites for Iowa:

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