eng1101 write an 500 words description essay

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English 1101: Essay 1: Description Rubric

15% Introduction

The student introduces the subject being described, creating a sense of context and import that builds up to the thesis statement.

15% Paragraphing and Design

The student develops his/her description of the subject matter in paragraphs of at least 6-7 sentences. The details described give a sense of thoughtful arrangement or design that gives the organization a sense of cohesion.

20% Specific language

The student demonstrates a commitment to avoiding vague phrases (“it is,” “there are”) and ambiguous language (“something, everything, what, how”). The paper appeals to the senses through immediacy and concrete details. The language demonstrates some attention to expanding the student’s vocabulary.

20% Audience and Purpose

The essay demonstrates a sense of intention aimed at a particular audience. If the subject matter is technical, for example, but the audience is a general one, the author makes an effort to “translate” professional terminology into accessible language.

15% Grammar and Punctuation

The essay demonstrates a commitment to correcting grammar issues identified in the student’s pretest. These may include dropped apostrophes, subject/verb agreement, they’re/their/there confusion, or any number of potential issues.

15% Conclusion

The essay reinforces the essay’s thesis by reminding readers of the main point and importance of the topic.


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