engl 120 poem 5 art and social distancing

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POETRY PROMPT – for our last poem assignment I want you to select a painting (you can Google your painting) and then write a poem about it. You can select any painting you like (please make sure to upload the painting into the body of your thread and then have your poem appear under the painting – like it the example above). You can even select your a painting of your own.

What do you see in the painting, what do you imagine is happening, going to happen, has happened in the painting?

Your poem must have a title. Your poem must between 15 to 20 lines in length, and your line length must be six to 12 words in length only (if you look at the example above, the first three lines are way longer than all the other lines and the shape of the poem is all over the place – should never happen – there’s also no enjambment and the punctuation is all over the place – really I would make them edit it – but it’s just an example :).


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