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300-400 Words






In this brief, informal journal assignment, you will discuss what you have learned about the foundations of writing. You will complete this assignment in your chosen Word processor using the built-in note-taking / comment function (see module resources). 

To complete the exercise, review the module readings on introductions and conclusions, the anatomy of a body paragraph, and revision strategies. Then, in a brief journal entry, discuss what you have learned. Consider addressing the following prompts: 

1. What did you learn about revision that surprised you? Why was this surprising?

2. What did you learn about the composition of body paragraphs that you didn’t know before? 

3. What did you learn about the composition of introductions and conclusions that helped you better understand how to draft an essay?

4. Which specific pieces of advice do you think are the most important to carry with you throughout this semester? Why?

5. If you knew all of this, talk about the advice that you think is the most important to remember and why.

Assignment Guidelines

The successful assignment will accomplish the following:

· Address some aspect of all module readings 

· Attempt to fully and completely cite module readings in MLA or APA style according to module resources and readings


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