engl110 position paper 1

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My position paper will be about information processing where I will discuss various issues related to the processing of the information. This will involve the acquisition of information, recording, organizing, retrieval, display, and dissemination of the information. The position paper will give specific details concerning the topic for an easier understanding of the topic. My topic will inform the students on how to apply the communication skills in their day to day activities.Since my position paper aims at persuading I will discuss through each process and its impact on the entire communication. I will also discuss ways of making the information interesting. This is by removing the barriers that affected the transmission of the information. This includes the physical, perceptual, emotional cultural, gender and interpersonal, barriers. The importance of information processing is to improve the ways of acquiring and disseminating information.

  • PURPOSE: To persuade
  • AUDIENCE: The applicable audience for the type of document you’ve chosen to write.
  • LENGTH: 500 – 750 words (Times New Roman font)
  • SOURCES: A minimum of 3 with at least 1 from the library, and at least 1 from a professional journal or organization
  • FORMAT: The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline

Use only third person (he/she/they) for a more professional tone. Avoid first person (I, my, us, we) and second person (you and your) in your essay.


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