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Complete the attached questions using the databases page of the WLAC library (Links to an external site.) and use Week 7-8 Modules and West Guide Ch. 19 (Ch. 21 in 2013 edition) to help you. Also, watch the videos in this week’s module for additional help.

Start your Scavenger Hunt at the WLAC Library Homepage. Please include the question with your answer.

1. In your own words, describe what an online database is.

  1. How many databases does the Gale Group offer?
  2. Generally, which Gale Group database(s) would be better for you to do general research?
  3. Which Gale Group database would be the best to use if you were doing a research project on diabetes?
  4. Which Gale Group database would be the best to use if you were doing research on Amy Tan, who is a contemporary author?
  5. Go into Lexis Nexis and click on a term in Hot Topics Links. Which term did you click on? _________How many articles are there on that topic? __________
  6. Limit these results by adding a word to “limit” the results. >Which word did you add?_________ How many articles resulted? _________
  7. List the 6 ways you can send yourself the article (see the symbols in upper-right hand corner.)
  8. Click back to the main LexisNexis page. How can one search articles topically? (by topic or subject matter)
  9. Click all the way back to the WLAC Research Databases index. How does the CQ Researcherindex (list, display) its information? Circle one: By Year / By Topic
  10. If you wanted to research information on a scientific topic, what seems the best database in which to look?
  11. Scroll down to the bottom of the WLAC research database Index and enter the LAPL page. Click on “Research and Homework” and scroll down to the WorldCat database, a fantastic source for research. According to the description, WorldCat contains a “catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide back to” what year? ____________
  12. Click back to the WLAC research database Index and enter Google Scholar. Type in “David Bailey Airship” into the search bar. Click on the article called “Maritime Patrol Airship Study.” What does the abstract (an abstract is a small introductory paragraph centered at the top that summarizes the article) say the article is about? (one or two words okay).
  13. Click back to the results of that search. How many times has that article been cited in other articles? (Citations are listed below the article.)
  14. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. What does the “Create an Alert” tool do?
  15. Why is it better to look at databases or Google Scholar BEFORE a general internet search?


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