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Choose one of the 3 choices and write a good written essay, make sure to include sources with intro body and conclusion The body must be written well. Answer one of the following questions in the form of a comparison/contrast essay. For Choices 1 and 2, you must make references to the Twain and Kline essays, respectively.

Choice #1: Mark Twain’s essay discussed how his view of a place changed over time. Similarly, write an essay that compares how your perspective of either a place (e.g. visiting your high school ten years later) or experience (e.g. appreciating the experience you gained working for a former boss whom you disliked at the time) has changed. For example, you could discuss but are not limited to one of the following:

a) reflecting on a role model that you disliked at one point or another but now appreciate.

b) describing an important place in your life that you visited some years later. (For instance, a couple visiting a restaurant where they got engaged 10 years later.)

Choice #2: The Kline essay on page 498 is a comparison of the author’s experience entering college to what she thinks her son will be experiencing as an incoming freshman. For your essay, you will need to compare your decision to attend Los Angeles Valley College to one alternative you were considering. Possible comparisons will likely include one of the following:

a) Attending LAVC versus another college or school that you were considering

b) Attending LAVC versus not attending college

The comparisons throughout your essay should lead the reader to understand your decision to attend LAVC.

Choice #3: Write an essay that compares your life before the COVID-19 pandemic and since then.


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