english position paper

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This is an example:

  • Topic:

The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

  • Introduction:

Thesis Statement:
The death penalty should be abolished because it is a cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Body:

Topic Sentence:

As of January of 2020 Colorado and Virginia took a step towards an effort to abolish or reforming their state death penalty systems.

Supporting Points:
The state senate in Denver, Colorado senators voted 19-15 to repeal the state’s death-penalty statute after hours of an emotional debate.
In Richmond, Virginia the state senate passed a bill that would bar the death penalty in the state for individuals who were suffering fro severe mental illnes at the time the crime was commited. The bill was strongly supported by a vote of 32-7.

Topic Sentence:
Based on the Death penalty Information Center for many years Congress has not addressed directly whether the death penalty deprives individuals of the fundamental right to life.

Supporting Points:
The individuals condemned for the death penalty have a fundamental right to life-based on history and tradition of not 100% support nationwide, and the negativity that shows to be killed by the government.
The right to life challenge is not consistent with the fifth amendment.

Topic Sentence:

Religion makes another course of authority over the death penalty and the violation of the dignity of the individual condemned.

Supporting Points:

Catholics make about 22 percent of the American population being the single largest religious group in the United States. In 2018 Pope Francis made history by proclaiming that the death penalty in nearly all circumstances is “inadmissible” because human life is sacred.

  • Conclusion:

The death penalty should be abolished since not the whole country is in agreement with this cruelty. A poll done in October of 2019 shows that a record of 60% of Americans prefers life sentence to capital punishment.

  • References




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