ES 101 MU Greenhouse Effect Illustration

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Question Description

I’m stuck on a Science question and need an explanation.

Choose One Activity: Or Item (Ex: Playing Video Games, New Shoes Etc.). Research the Greenhouse Effects. Create a Diagram on GOOGLE SLIDES Using Images, Arrows and Texts Boxes that Explain how the activity or item you like Increases Carbon Emissions that Leads To GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.

Please Include the following in your Diagram:

1——-> Show how your Activity or Product contributes to Carbon Dioxide Emissions (Ex: How did the Item or Items you use for your activity get to you? What were they made out of, how do you get to your activity, does your activity use electricity, where does this electricity come from)?”

2——-> Show how Carbon Dioxide Leads to the Formation of GREENHOUSE GASES.


4.———> Definition of GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE

5———-> Explanation of how the GREENHOUSE EFFECT from FOSSIL FUELS is Causing GLOBAL CLIMATE.

Here is the upload image/screenshot of what needed. This project is DUE On: MARCH 12, 2021

Link referred in upload:………

Nothing Else needed at the moment: Everything written here is shown in the upload if you cannot see what is uploaded.

Thank You!

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