essay about schnitzler s la ronde

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Here are some possible essay questions. Choose one. You are allowed to come up with your own question, but be sure to clear it with me first. Essays should be around three to four pages in 12-point font, double-spaced (not including the bibliography). As with the essay samples that I have included on Brightspace, you do not need a title-page; instead, you just need to include your name, student number, course number, my name, the teaching assistant’s name for your section, and the date in the top right hand corner of the first page.

Your essay should have a title that reflects not only your topic but your argument about that topic; an introductory paragraph that introduces your topic, suggests how it will be approached in regards to the text, and closes with a clear and specific thesis statement; supporting paragraphs organized around points that support your thesis and that open with a strong topic sentence; specific evidence from the primary text itself; a sense of sound and logical transition from supporting point to supporting point; and a strong conclusion that reinforces your thesis and suggests something about its wider implications. The essay samples on Brightspace are very clear in regards to what I am looking for, so be sure to look over these before and while writing.

Be specific, be organized, and be sure to make good use of the text when making your case. When it comes to quoting from the text, be sure to comment on the quotes you use and incorporate them into your larger argument. If you have any questions while writing your essay, or if you would like me to look over a draft of your essay, please let me know.

1. Discuss the issue of class in La Ronde. How might the play be said to challenge class

distinctions? To what ends?

2. Many have commented on connections between some of the concerns of La Ronde and

the theories of Sigmund Freud. How might the two be compared and contrasted? Please note that for a question like this you must be very specific when it comes to the work of Freud. When it comes to possible avenues, the link between sex and death, the extent to which sex impacts/underlies our actions, and the role of the unconscious could be fruitful.

3. Discuss the many links between sex and death in La Ronde. What is the significance of these


4. Discuss the structure of La Ronde. How is the play constructed? What is the significance of

this construction?

5. Discuss La Ronde in relation to sexuality. Of particular interest could be the play’s

attitude towards sexual mores, sex and power, sex and love, and even sexually transmitted diseases.

6. Compare and contrast La Ronde with the film adaptation. What changes did Ophüls make

when adapting the play? Were they successful? Why or why not? Note: if you choose this

question, you must cite the film as well as the play and you must be very specific when making connections between the two works.

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