essay about the totalrian state

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Write at least 800 word college essay about the totalitarian state using Russia/USSR or China as your example. Follow the information in Chapter 6 of your textbook, Totalitarianism. Pick either China under Mao, or Soviet Union under Lenin & Stalin.

As you read chapter 6, follow the elements of a totalitarian regime: Leadership, Ideology, Organization, Propaganda & violence. Explain specific examples of how the leaders used those elements.

What is required for a successful revolution to take place? Explain the 3 revolutionary stages of totalitarianism and the basic characteristics of totalitarianism rule and how were they manifested in Lenin & Stalin’s Russia/USSR or Mao’s China? (Remember either one, not both.)

Explain using examples from those leaders how the characteristics were used in the stages of a totalitarian movement? Continue to explain the development of the totalitarian state with the consolidation of power and the transformation of society. Explain how the leaders achieved these means for their society. Give specific examples for the country you choose.

Assignment must be at least 800 words, and any sources used must be documented with MLA citation and parenthetical (intext) citations.

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