essay test 2

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You will have to answer BOTH of the questions below.

You’ll be graded according to the following schema: 30 possible points for accuracy in explaining philosophical ideas relevant to each question, 25 possible points for thoroughly responding to each question, and 25 possible points for expressing yourself clearly in writing.

Aristotle and John Stuart Mill present us with theories of “the good life.” Summarize, then compare, these two theories. In your answer, you will need to address the following:

  • What a theory of the good life is.
  • The connection between theories of the good life and morality. Why would a theory of the good life include a theory of morality?
  • What Aristotle and Mill thought the good that a good life aims at amounts to.
  • How each conceived of happiness.
  • How each thought moral conduct helps contribute to happiness.
  • What is of moral value for each philosopher (i.e., thoughts, actions, consequences of actions, etc.).
  • How each thought one becomes moral.

Plato presents us with a theory of justice in the Republic. Is this theory of justice compatible with Socrates’ equation of justice with truth in the Apology? In your answer, you will need to address the following:

  • The principle of specialization in the Republic.
  • How this principle is manifested in the ideal just city.
  • The role of the Noble Lie in supporting justice in the ideal just city.
  • Socrates’ statement about justice and truth in the beginning of the Apology.
  • Is Socrates right when he says, in the Republic, that a just city depends upon lying to to citizens?

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