Ethical issues in law enforcement

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Answer each question minimum of 250 words each. Must Use provided material (PDF book) along with one other source to answer each questions. Here is the reference to the provided PDF Pollock, J. M. (2017). Ethical dilemmas and
decisions in criminal justice (9th ed.). Boston, MA:
Cengage Learnin. Also use in-text citations after each new paragraph.

1.) Use news stories to identify examples of distributive justice and corrective justice. Find a wrongful conviction story and identify the procedural justice elements that were problematic.

2.) Present a young child talking about a moral dilemma and try and identify a stage score based on Lawrence Kohlberg’s moral stage theory. What statements are consistent with a stage or level? Do children think differently about moral dilemmas than adults? Explain.

3.) Present examples of the Ford Pinto scandal, the Jon Burge scandal, and other current ethical scandals where organizational leaders and/or work groups made bad decisions. Explain whether or not the elements of Bandura’s moral neutralization were present (p. 97).

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