Ethics and Threats in Video Link, law homework help

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Lesson 1 Project Journal

Instructions: The
final project for this course will be a research proposal on a criminal
justice topic of your choosing. Each week you will be completing a
project journal based on supplemental readings that highlight important
aspects of criminal justice. The purpose of the journal is to serve as a
bridge between the supplemental readings and the research methods you
are learning about in class, in order to help you build toward your
final research proposal.

For this week, in a new Word document, please write a 1- 1.5 page journal entry that addresses the following:

  • What threat is described in the video above in the link? What category of threats from
    the secondary reading does the threat described in the video fall into?
  • What ethical considerations are involved in studying the population from the video? Why should these things be considered?
  • Which category of threats from the secondary reading are you interested in focusing on in your research proposal, and why?
  • What will be the ethical considerations in studying the type of threat you have chosen for your research proposal? Why?

Assignment Submission:

Turn in to your instructor for grading.

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