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Part 1 – Write a short passage describing your favorite fictional hero or villain in media and a little about why their moral framework makes them interesting to you.

Paragraph 2. Dr. King (100 words minimum) – After reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail in Chapter 1,

· Discuss the difference between just and unjust laws as outlined by Dr. King.

· Use your own words to describe and define just and unjust laws. 

· Include a quote from the portion of the letter that you determined best characterized just and unjust laws. Provide in-text citation(s)where appropriate.

Paragraph 3 – Ethical Issue – (150 words Minimum) In this section you will:

· Research and summarize an article describing what you believe is an unjust law anywhere in the world, either in the past or in the present.

· State the main ethical issue in proper format as described below

Be sure to review the 

Research Help

Summarize the article. Use your own words. Do not use quotations. Paraphrase the information, and provide in-text citation(s) with the page number(s), where appropriate. In the Works Cited, be sure to include your article, properly formatted including its title, date of publication, and link.

Main Ethical Issue –  (
one sentence in bold print)

State the main ethical/moral issue in question format:

· Should ______? or What should ______?  For example, 
Should Jack report Jill for stealing the computer?

· Be impartial. Avoid any bias; do not express your own personal opinion; do not use the words, “I think” or “I feel.” For example, proper format – 
Should Jack report Jill for stealing the computer? Improper format – 
Should Jack be a good person and report Jill for stealing the computer?

· Write just one issue, not two; so, do not use the word “or.” For example. proper format – 
Should Jack report Jill for stealing the computer?  Improper format – 
Should Jack report Jill for stealing the computer or should Jack keep quiet so he does not get on Jill’s bad side?

Use the 

Discussion Grading Criteria
 to help guide your completion of this assignment.

Note: If you are new to submitting to a Dropbox in MyCourses, review the tutorial: 

Submit to a Dropbox

Dropbox Rules

· Use 

MLA Formatting
. Double-space the entire document. Adjust all font color/style/size to black Times New Roman 12 pt. Put the heading in the upper left corner of the first page; include your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the date. Use the document header to display your last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page.

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