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Reply Post (50 words minimum) – Read and reply to at least one other classmate’s post.  What jumped out at your or was interesting? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Reply posts must show that you read your classmate’s post and are adding to the discussion.


Hello fellow classmates and professor, my name is Maylene Bell, I go by May, and I am currently working on my Assoicates degree in science, and that includes health science and veterinary technology. The state I live in is Florida and the city coronating with that is Cape Coral. Most of my family members work in the medical field for people, I wanted to be different and work in the medical field for animals. Currently I am a dog groomer at a Petco and I’m in love with my job, since it’s a start working with animals and going towards starting off as a vet tech. I play the saxophone for a hobby, and I also dance. A dream of mine is after I get this degree, go for zoology and another degree in the animal field to help me get a job at Disney Animal Kingdom to be a nurse practitioner for their exotic animals. 

On page thirteen, Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. Described Unjust laws as the right to break a law with the right intentions, and on page thirteen again, he describes Just laws as laws that are fair. To me just laws are following the rules of the road, following the speed limit, turning on your lights when it gets dark or rains, and if you break down or something is wrong with your car, you turn on your hazards, those are fair laws, it’s what we use in our everyday life and even though they are fair they are still broken. Now unjust laws, let’s say in some states which is true, pit bulls are restricted they aren’t allowed, so if they don’t get sent off to other states, they get put down, now the unjust part of it would be owning one that couldn’t get sent to another state, and not having it get put down, because you can give it a loving home and a happy life. On page thirteen Dr. King described just laws as “morally right and fair” and for unjust laws on the same page described them as “morally wrong and unfair”.  

An article I picked is talking about how woman aren’t allowed to drive Saudi Arabia. The main ethical issue is, should woman in Saudi Arabia be able to drive. Should the government system in Saudi Arabia change the law for good and give woman equal rights to drive. What should the government decide, changing the law for good for woman or not changing it at all and deal with possible protest. The article is basically describing how in Saudi Arabia’s law system woman are not allowed to drive, only men are permitted to. If the women get caught driving its pretty much breaking the law and they get punished.  


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