Ethnic Minorities

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Create a 1st person account diary based on one of the “Ethnic Minorities arriving during the 1800s. Ex: Irish, Italian etc. In other words, you are one of the newly arrived in the U.S. ethnic minorities.

Note: Keep the journal entries decade appropriate.

Research will be needed.

Student Sample

September 1st, 1939

Today I was awoken by my parents rushing us to safety because German forces began to attack Poland. My mother yelled to quickly grab the bag that we have set aside with our important papers and yelled at my father to take the bag with the food and water and to run. I quickly got up and only took the trusted bags that I have set aside for a situation like this.

October 31, 1939

Two months I have spent on the road running and hiding from the Germans. Within these last two months I have lost contact with my mother and father. To make things easier for us we took separate paths but agreed to meet at the same place and would not leave until either one of us has arrive. It has been a hard two months, hundreds of people are executed everyday and I can do nothing but run. I am young and able to run but the people who are not able too often get caught and killed and it so sad.

July 13, 1941

I am in a concentration camp and this is my first entry journal entry in more than a year. All of my belongings have been taken away but they were not able to take my diary away. My parents and I never meet up together. I waited and waited but before they could get here I had to leave because Germans where close by. I hope when this is over, I will continue to look for them until I am sure that they are dead.

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