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This project for my girl friend, we are taking same class, please plan a different event and use different writing skill. Thank you so much

EVENT AUDIT: Individual Project

Purpose: The purpose of the event audit is to analyze the event with the “eye” of an event planner. You should be observing all aspects of the event, no longer only as an attendee, but now as if you are going to be running this specific event in the future.Document what was successful at this event, as well as what needs improvement. In addition, creatively brainstorm what “other” added amenities might enhance the experience of the attendee.

You will want to use an event that you will be attending while in this class.Any event can be audited such as a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, a reunion, an anniversary party, an event at a club, or even a free concert “on the green”. (Note:In most cases, you should not consider attending a movie as an event.)

Please use the following outline in creating your evaluations.This must be 2-3 pages in MLA format.

  1. Select an event:
  1. Location
  2. Event Title
  3. Date
  4. Cost of the Event
  5. Description of the event (in detail)
  1. Facility Management
  1. How well is the facility managed?
  2. Are the entrances and exits well marked?
  3. Is there ample security present at the event…how did you know?
  4. What accommodations were made relative to


  1. Audio & Visuals

a. How well does the sound system help support, reinforce, or expand the purpose of the


b. Describe the proper visual cues such as: signs, key design elements, logos, etc.

c. List the sponsors of the event.

4. Entertainment

a. What is the entertainment?

b. Does the entertainment match the purpose of the event? Why or why not?

5. Theme

a. What is the theme of the event?

b. Do the decorations and/or designs convey this theme? If so, how?

6. Review the Event

a. Did it go well or not, how did you know?

b. Was it worth it or not, why?

7. Get Creative!

a. How would you enhance this event?

b. What added amenities would you add as the Event Manager?


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