Events 1815 and 1860 that pulled americans together

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The final is comprised of one essay (approximately 3-4 pages). This is the equivalent of an in-class Blue Book examination in a Tuesday/Thursday class. It is open note, open book, and un-timed.

Along with each prompt, we have also given you 8 IDs/documents that should be used in answering the prompt. We will grade the essay based upon the logic and strength of your argument, inclusion of the IDs/document, organization of essay, grammar, and citations.

You should also use at least four primary documents as evidence

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    PROMPT: Between 1815 and 1860, there were many events/factors that served to either pull the country together or push it apart. In this essay, analyze these push-pull factors.In your essay you should include at least 4 of the following IDs:

    • Western Expansion
    • National Party System
    • Market Revolution
    • Second Great Awakening
    • Women’s Suffrage
    • Slavery
    • Abolition
    • US-Mexican War

    You must also use at least four primary documents (either posted in blackboard or in American Yawp) as evidence.

    Essay ChecklistBe sure to:

    • Have
      a strong rule of three thesis statement
    • Use
      “Rule of Three” style
    • Use
      a minimum of 4 primary source documents as evidence
    • Use
      at least 4 IDs from the list above in your analysis
    • Have
      evidence/analysis from across the 1815-1860 time period
    • Discuss
      both uniting and dividing factors
    • Properly
      cite using footnotes in Turabian/Chicago style
    • Write
      3-4 pages
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