Evidence-based research

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  1. What is God teaching you about hypotheses and assumptions related to the problem of you having a difficult time with your manager at work? Is there a piece of armor that you need to be especially careful to wear over your spirit? Is there a Bible verse that has spoken truth into your life and provided direction for you?
  2. Just as the scripture passage is able to speak to the relationship between ethics and honesty in reporting research, it can also speak to our hearts about truth in our trials.
  3. In your discussion, highlight the guidelines in the APA Manual regarding the use of unbiased language. How can we write about sensitive issues and problems without interjecting judgment and/or bias?


  1. Read Ephesians 6 about the true armor protecting our lives.
  2. State a bible verse in question (a) above
  3. Please answer question thoroughly.
  4. APA citation not older than 5 years (2013-2018).


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