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Notable photographers from 1940 – 1959
Adams, Ansel
Baltermants, Dmitri
Beaton, Cecil
Berko, Ferenc
de Biasi, Mario
Bischof, Werner
Brassai (Gyula Halasz)
Bravo, Lola Alvarez
Bravo, Manuel Alvarez
Bush, Peter
Boix, Francisco
Bluhova, Irena
Burri, Rene
Brandt, Bill
Capa, Robert
Cartier-Bresson, Henri
Domon, Ken
Doisneau, Robert
Bruce Davidson
Domon, Ken
Eisenstaedt, Alfred
Edgerton Harold Eugene
Frank, Robert
Giacomelli, Mario
Goldblatt, David
Gosani, Bob
Gottlieb, William P.
Haas, Ernst
Helmer-Petersen, Keld
Henle, Fritz
Ho, Fan
Herve, Lucien
Halsman, Phillippe
Hurrell, George Edward

Karsh, Yousuf
Kalischer, Clemens
Kuhn, Heinrich
Kijima, Takashi
Kikuchi, Shunkichi
Kitazumi, Genzo

List, Herbert
Lerski, Helmar
Lange, Dorothy
Model, Lisette
Morath, Inge
Man, Felix, H.
Miyatake, Toyo
Namuth, Hans
Newton, Helmut
Nilsson, Lennart
Newman, Arnold
Outerbridge Jr., Paul
Parkinson, Norman
Penn, Irving
Pitseolak, Peter
Plicka, Frank
Parks, Gordon
Riboud, Marc
Rai, Raghu
Ray, Man
Sudek Josef
Sander, August
Tata, Sam
Jerry Uelsmann
Van Parys, Germaine
Vandivert, William
Weegee (Arthur Fellig)
Weston, Brett
Weston, Edward
White, Minor
Wolcott, Marion Post
Madame Yevonde

Zimmerman, John G.


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