examine types of securities and asset classes 1

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In your role as Portfolio Analyst, you have now been asked to create a business report for prospective clients covering the types of securities and asset classes.

You will need to develop a business report for a prospective client that covers the various types of securities and asset classes. You will differentiate between traditional and non-traditional investments as well. A business report will provide meaningful and clear information on the required subjects. Typically, only a problem statement, analysis, and a resolution are contained in a business report; however, since the clients will not know the material thoroughly, your business report should be more detailed and offer supporting evidence, including a reference list.

  1. The business report should give the clients enough information to help them understand the differences between traditional and non-traditional investments. Be sure to use audience-specific language and tone in report. Remember, you are writing this business report for the clients, but the Portfolio Manager may also read it.
  2. Be creative, and make your business report fun, yet still clearly organized. You can find additional resources on writing a business report here.


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