exercise 3 2 measure of average and measure of deviation

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Using Microsoft Excel, complete the following exercises out of your textbook:

  • Exercise 15: Perception of Time (Section 4.1: p. 128)
  • Exercise 11: Perception of Time (Section 4.3: p. 146)

In these exercises, you will practice computing measures of average and measures of deviation.

If you need assistance using Microsoft Excel, you can access a tutorial that is right for your experience level and your version of Excel. Access these tutorials at Atomic Learning using your SNHU login. There are also additional resources listed in the module resources.

Submit both a Word document and two Excel documents as needed to show calculations and interpret the results.

Access this resource by going to the MyStatLab area under the course Table of Contents menu.

Please enter pearson etext book by way of of the link below


Thank you


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