exploratory paper one

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Search for a longer topic by finding out more. Pick out one of these topics and investigate!

Topics for your essays:

  • Compare Apollinaire and a painter of your choice. What do they have in common?
  • What does Stravinsky have to do with Picasso?
  • Compare and contrast Picasso and Matisse. Which artist is most connected to the spirit of Montmartre, 1900-14.
  • What is the role of art patrons, gallery owners and art buyers to the artists of Montmartre? Pick out some and write about them.
  • Discuss any two artists working in any two different media (painting, literature, music, dance, fashion, design etc) during this period. What connects them?
  • Pick out at least three painters mentioned by Sue Roe says about them. Are other writers better on these painters?
  • Is Claude Debussy’s or Stravinsky’s music closer to the style of the Montmartre artists?
  • Compare and contrast Guillaume Apollinaire’s poetry with painters and musicians we have studied. Was he influenced by them or was it the other way around?
  • Why did so many talented people come to Paris at this moment in history? Do you believe in the “spillover effect?”
  • Devise your own topic that shows you have thought about the materials we have covered in class and explore it. Discuss it with me before you begin to be sure it is suitable.

The purpose is to explore and look for a longer topic, so you should read outside of class assignments and also review our assigned reading.

Minimum of at least three citations, one print-based and two web-based (Jstor, Project Muse etc.)

3 double-spaced pages. Assigned classroom reading does not count for the new citations. Type your essay. Spelling, grammar, clarity and style count.Cite your sources clearly. Wikipedia can be used for quick reference at your own risk, but it cannot be cited as a source. Instead look at the bottom of the entries for reputable sources. Go beyond into research materials.Please upload your work to the Assignments portal in Canvas. All papers will be sent through Turnitin.com. Therefore, be sure to write in your own words. MLA or Chicago format for citations. Be consistent, whichever you choose. Citations and works cited pages should be in MLA style (for online information about citations, see http://libraries.iub.edu/help-citing-sources).

More Readings and Class Files:


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