explore the data clearly describe the data and identify problems issues if any

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You need to do:

1. I have completed the excel form named ‘Assignment_1’, please correct the errors/deficiencies, refer to “Bank Data notes and metadata”.

2. Only do part A of following question.

Question: Based on the CRISP DM model and the data set provided to you do the following:

A) Explore the data – clearly describe the data and identify problems/issues, if any.

B) Prepare the data for analysis

C) Prepare models (charts, graphs, etc) using Excel for the Bank to better understand the information contained in the data. Create a PivotTable, a PivotTable Chart, a PivoteTable Slicer and PivotTable Timeline to filter the data. Finally, advise the Bank about which customers would positively respond to a telemarketing campaign. You are required to justify your recommendation properly . (10 marks for the Excel models and 5 Marks for the recommendation)

The ultimate objective of this part of the exercise is to make sure Bank management and employees, who know nothing about how to model and the techniques of modeling, could understand what is contained in the data and your models. To do so, write down a report detailing what you did in steps a, b, and c above in an easy to understand form for the client company. The report should be a maximum of 5 pages in length, single line spaced, 1-inch pagination on all sides, 12-point normal font.


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