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Winfield Refuse Management, Inc. Case – Raising debt versus equity

In choosing the “best” financing option for Winfield Refuse Management, Inc.,

consider the following:

1. Pros and cons of issuing debt versus equity – specific to Winfield Refuse

2. Interpreting EBIT chart and how used in your decision making

3. Annual cash outlays for each financing decision, especially annual cash

outlay in 2013 and 2030

4. Risk and Return tradeoffs for bondholders versus stockholders – specific to

Winfield Refuse

5. Impact of each financing decision on relevant financial ratios, impact to

control, corporate flexibility, increased risk

6. Why your chosen financing option is the “best” for this company – how do

you address each director’s concerns

############# Important:

in the link information about Winfield Refuse Management, Inc. Case – Raising debt versus equity (Excel) I will send the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8a98q8t34bhpo4f/AAA_-Ea…

########### Very important Overview and Assumptions: A. Understanding/Concise statement of Problem-

A. Rationale for each financing option considered including understanding of EBIT chart-

B. Annual cash outlays for each option –

C. Impact of each decision – financial ratios, risk and return, corporate control and flexibility

D. Selling points (Pros and Cons) to each director; why financing option chosen –

E. Format and Layout of Information in supporting decision

7. Format and Content ##### Note 1- pages must be more than 1 page and less than 4 pages 2- Grading on Fact Sheet:

standard 1″ margins single-spacing (text) double-spacing between paragraphs no paragraph indentation (left justified) size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text italicized or bold font for section headings 3- Avoiding Plagiarism. 4- See attachment which is Information to compute WACC based upon different capital structures.

5- See the link which some examples of fact sheet in the link very important:

I will send the link



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