Fate of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Paddy Soils Discussion & Responses

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You may answer all of these questions in one thread.  Be sure and submit it early.  Give the thread a subject title in the following format SAFE 5455 Name Week Three.  For items 1-2 write at least 100 words for each.  For item 3, your comment/reply to a classmate will be separate, (remember to be professional and kind).  NOTE:  DO NOT copy and paste.  It will be considered plagiarism.  Use your own words,  Cite your sources.  

Discussion Board Topics:

1.  From Fate of Haz pollutants presentation:  Explain the “transformation of hazardous pollutants” concept.  You may have to do additional research.

2.  From Supplemental Materials videos:  What did you learn from the video?

3.  Peer review:  Comment to at least one classmate’s post, (again, be nice).  Provide additional analysis, constructive criticism and additional facts and solutions.  I want to see a paragraph of 50 words or more, (use word counter in the lower right corner of your posting window).

Respond to the following posts

Classmate/ J


Hazardous materials are transported in two ways. The first being transportation or dispersion. This can be accomplashed through several pathways. One of the most dangerous is through the air. A good way to determine whether a vapor will be airborne is by measuring the vapor density. If it is less than one then the vapor will be able to become airborne posing a great threat to humans. Some of the other pathways in which hazardous materials can be transferred is through things like surface water soil and rock and even ground water.

The other method is transformation. Transformation can occur as a substance is transported through the environment mixing withn other materials. This can lead to the material consisting of a higher toxicity. However, there is a chance it is a lower toxicity to humans. This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the environment you are evaluating so you can gain a better understanding of the materials that could come into contact with eachother.


This video explained all the different ways in which human practices result in the deterioration of soil quality. It is almost a double edged sword when you hear about farmers employing more harsh pesticides in order to improve annual yields. While this works short term it will ultimately result in the quality of soil being so poor that they can no longer safely use it for farming. This also results in people consuming residual pesticides from the food we eat. The long term health effects are nearly immeasurable. This is just one small factor in which we damage our soil. Another example would be soil erosion. Without trees you will mess up the rain cycle the trees will have nothing to grab onto and the important minerals in soil will be gone. 


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