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I want one paragraph for each part as feedback comment to my classmate work at the discussion. First I’ll but my answer and example for the feedback that I got to my answer so you can know what is my thought for this assignment then I’ll but the classmate answer that you need to give them feedback as a response from me in this discussion,

The discussion question:

How will the use of Instagram in health settings continue to change in the next 3-5 years? What new opportunities or privacy concerns do you see as central to this next stage of development of health care organizations using Instagram?

My answer:

Instagram is already being used as an informative and inspirational tool in the healthcare setting. Health organizations such as U.S CDC have not been left behind as they have Instagram accounts that can be used to pass information across to the public. Instagram usage in the next 3-5 years is going to become one of the main platforms for disseminating public information. First, Instagram is going to be among the main sources of information where the public can get diagnostic and preventive information. Second, the video and image sharing enables people to be aware of certain diseases they would not know in the absence of a social network. Ephemeral content from a health professional is going to be popular, and the audience is more likely to be attracted to such content considering that the Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Lastly, Instagram is going to increase patient interaction with physicians. The platform is going to help patients be more informed and play an active role in the treatment process.

What new opportunities or privacy concerns do you see as central to this next stage of development of healthcare organizations using Instagram?

Opportunities that arise with the use of Instagram in healthcare include the following: Communicating during a crisis such as an update from the CDC, building the awareness among medical practitioners, raising awareness in the local community, offer preventive care, and create a platform for healthcare marketers. However, Instagram raises the question of privacy, especially between a patient and physician. As explained in the MDPI Journal article, lack of data encryption is a big concern (Kamel Boulos, Giustini, & Wheeler, 2016). The absence of privacy measure can result in information theft. Challenges arising from the use of Instagram include the following: conflict of interest for physician between personal and professional profile, maintaining patient privacy by keeping their names secret, maintaining patient-physician boundary, providing correct information, whether to be anonymous to your posts as a physician and sharing medical data to the wrong user

Feedback for Answer example: ( make it a little bit longer and attractive for part 1 and 2 )

I completely agree with your points especially in the crisis event to facilities communication ways. Instagram can help doctors to practice their career for providing beneficial information for people who cannot pay much for seeing doctors more easily and with less cost.


The reliance on social media sites such as Instagram and WhatsApp for health care will continue to increase in the next 3 to 5 years. Through the various social networks, healthcare professionals and fitness enthusiasts can interact with the public both individually and in groups to promote healthy practices. The adoption of healthy practices is possible through the use of videos and picture in Instagram with visual images which have proven to be more effective in educating and creating awareness rather than word of mouth or scheduled consultations. The rapid increase of Instagram users who jointly use or prefer Instagram to other social networks will enable health organizations to educate people in matters dealing with mental health. This will be highly effective because other people will be able to share their experiences regarding mental issues to millennial who frequently use the app and suffer from the disease. Moreover, patients will be able to reach doctors directly through direct messages to make inquiries, book appointments and therefore saving a lot of time and resources.

The main concerns about using social media for healthcare may include giving false information and not maintaining the privacy of patients. Breaching of privacy can occur when the location of a patient gets disclosed while narrating their experiences. Health organizations could also expose their references while they conduct researches or market their profession. other people could give false information while giving advice to others regarding a particular ailment without a proper diagnosis. certain measures should be put in place such as registration, regulations and licensing to prevent fraud in the social media sites. Healthcare professions should also be taught how to use Instagram professionally to prevent such cases in future.


I see the use of Instagram in health settings will continue in the years to come in a significant improvement. The use of Instagram in the current period is beneficial to the medical field. Instagram helps doctors and hospitals spread their information to the public, allowing them to interact with patients interested in this information. The most prominent examples currently available at Instagram and help to support health settings in the coming years are to warn citizens about smoking and its illnesses, correct wrong information about eating, answer common questions among patients by doctors, and offer medical services in the modern hospitals to attract the public. All of these reasons make Instagram a major part of the health industry because it is a key tool in Social Media, making it a great benefit for doctors and hospitals and increasing the chances of continuing it in the coming years.

In my opinion, there are new opportunities that will be central to the process of developing healthcare organizations on Instagram. It has a very popular audience in various regions of the world, so it provides health organizations with the opportunity to invest in it to achieve benefits and success. I expect in the future that health organizations will use the Instagram platform to broadcast their programs to the public because of a large public base. Medical programs will be switched from TV channels to Instagram to start displaying their content via short video clips on Instagram. The videos feature on Instagram has high views numbers reach over one million per video, which means that doctors and hospitals have the opportunity to use Instagram to intensify communication with patients via Instagram. Health organizations may face concerns about using Instagram in the future, such as receiving bad and offensive comments that affect their reputation and performance, but with a crisis management team that can be overcome.



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