fibromyalgia how to care for patient with fibromyalgia in dentistry

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Finding Your Research Topic

Each student is to spend time researching in the Library Database and to look through professional journals and textbooks. Research Objectives

When writing your research report, the following objectives are to be addressed:

• Define the topic and include a brief review

• Cite specific examples of research that has been conducted on the topic (a minimum of 3 references) utilizing in-text citations following the APA format

• Discuss what you have learned from the research and how it has increased your knowledge in the field of Periodontology in the Reflection of your article

• Do you agree or disagree with the findings in the literature?

Format and Organization of the Paper

Each student is to prepare a report that follows the APA Format Guidelines:

• Title Page

• Three to Five pages in length

• Doubled spaced with one inch margins

• Page numbers are on the upper right hand corner as a Header

• Free of typographical errors

• Font size 12 (Suggested styles: Arial, or Times New Roman)

• In-text citations (minimum of three)

• Reference Page

• Checklist / rubrics

• Submitted as a MicroSoft Word Document in the Drop Box, on Angel

Format of the Title Page

This report is to be placed in a report folder that contains a title page. The title page is to contain the following information, including the Running Head, and be formatted in capital letters:

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