fin100 week 10 journal RESPONSE j l

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Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more.

Future Investor

Hello All,

1. I really had so much fun with this assignment. My first stock that I picked was Microsoft (MSFT-NASDAQ). I bought shares starting out at $65.04, Week 8 they were at $68.77, and week 10 had a huge gain and were selling at $72.28. My second stock was Target (TGT-NYSE) at first I bought shares for $53.89, Week 8 they were selling for $54.13, and finally in week 10 they were selling for $55.63. Finally, my dark horse stock Live Nation (LYV-NYSE) had some pretty decent initial offerings in Week 3 for $31.28, and in week 8 sold for $33.60, and finally Week 10 for $35.02

2. I made some pretty good cash for 7 weeks worth of work. Microsoft did really well, (my prediction for the upcoming E3 convention panned out) and I made $926.72 here. Secondly, Target had a more decent gain between weeks 8 and 10 and I made $269.70 in this one. Since this stock usually trends up over the summer this is a one to watch in the coming weeks. The stock I am most excited about was Live Nation. I made $1192.84 on this one. I chose this one just because I was going to a concert. I have a feeling that this one will drop as summer ends, so I would almost consider selling in the near future. Overall I made $2389.26. I may need to think about a career in the stock market….

3. I think that I made some pretty awesome choices, choices that for me, made sense. In retrospect I don’t think that I would do anything differently except wish that I really had the $25,000 to make these investments. I made some decent money, and all of my picks showed gains each week.

4. I really learned that it takes money to make money. I also learned the value and how to track and validate stocks on the stock market. This assignment really got me thinking about how I can use future funds to invest, and it is something that I really plan on doing in the future. I have always been pretty good with finances, but never really understood the meaning of FINANCE. I kind of like what I have learned so far……and I am definitely intrigued.

I combined all of my numbers in one stock journal. Reading one seemed easier to me.

Finance is fun….and can be lucrative.

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