final exam 213

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Question 1: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of being a first mover or a follower in a high-tech industry. In your opinion, which strategy is preferable, and why? (less than 200 words, 10 points)

Question 2. Whirlpool, a leading U.S. maker of household appliances, has a wholly owned subsidiary that is responsible for research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and sales in over two dozen European countries, from Norway to Greece. What are some of the potential advantages that Whirlpool may gain from its use of a wholly owned subsidiary for global expansion? What are some of the potential disadvantages? (less than 200 words, 10 points)

Case 1 : DISNEY

Read the two articles about DISNEY and answer the following questions (3 and 4).

Question 3: How do you categorize Disney’s strategic move to provide its own online streaming services – Is it horizontal integration, vertical integration, diversification, or strategic outsourcing? Please use evidence from the two articles to support your choice? (No more than 200 words, 10 points)

Question 4: Please find ONE potential benefit of this strategic move from the articles. Please find ONE potential drawback of this strategic move from the articles. (No more than 200 words, 10 points)

Case 2: Arm Holding

Read the ARM Holding Case and answer the following questions (5, 6, 7, 8)

Question 5: What were ARM’s strategies in wining the format war on mobile computing? How did ARM benefit from being the de facto industry standard? (15 points)

Question 6: Why did ARM expand into global market? What global strategy did ARM chose? Do you think that is the right choice? Why or why not? (15 points)

Question 7: Why did ARM choose IP Licensing as its business model? Were there any drawbacks in this business model? How did partnership and developing an ecosystem prove advantageous for the company? (15 points)

Question 8: What are the key aspects of its new strategic focus (IoT) that ARM incorporate in its growth strategy? With the existing core competencies, resources and business model, do you think ARM can win in the new IoT market? What adjustments ARM need make in its new business-level strategy? (15 points)

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