final paper 400

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-Papers should be a 3 page research paper (of text). You should also have a final page of References, where you cite any information used throughout the paper. (See additional handout on this). The first page of the paper should have your name on it and a title that summarizes what you’ve studied. The papers should be 12-point font, doublespaced.

Topic Ideas: These are only ideas, examples, to get you started…but brainstorm on your own. A good place to start looking for ideas might be the website.  Causes/treatments of Autism  New trends in eating disorders How prescription / illegal drugs affect the brain  Memory loss and aging What happens in an IQ test?  How people cope with stress and loss Research a person who has a mental illness  Types of therapies How prenatal health affects babies  Gender differences in…? How sleep affects mood  How food affects mood Does media violence affect behavior?  What shapes personality? What areas of the brain affect…(behavior)?  Types of social influence Is there an addictive personality?  What are treatments for drug abuse? You will notice that these examples are more in the form of questions about a topic, instead of just “Eating Disorders.” If you can, streamline your paper to focus on a question, rather than a very broad and general topic.

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